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  • Benin
    - Association des Musiciens et Chanteurs du Bénin - AMCB  (NGO to gather musicians and singers from Benin)
    - Organisation des Musiciens du Bénin - OMB (Trade Union)

  • Bolivia
    - Asociación Boliviana de Artistas Intérpretes o Ejecutantes de Música
    - Sociedad Boliviana de Autores y Compositores de Música - SOBODAYCOM (Trade Union)

  • Brazil
    - Sindicato dos Músicos de Rio de Janeiro (Trade Union)
    - Sindicato dos Músicos de São Paulo (Trade Union)

  • Bulgaria
    - National association for protection of performers' rights - NAPPR - NGO 
    - Union of Bulgarian Composers - UBCs (to preserve, affirm and proliferate Bulgarian music and assist its members in their artistic and creative performance)
    - Union of Musicians and Dancers from Bulgaria - UMDB - Trade Union (to gather musicians, singers, teachers, conductors, dancers and researchers; organizes festivals, competitions, workshops, master-classes etc.; member of the International federation of musicians - FIM)

  • Burkina Faso
    Syndicat National des Artistes Musiciens - SYNAM (Trade Union)



  • Democratic Republic of Congo
    Syndicat National des Artistes et Musiciens du Congo - SYNAMCO (Trade Union)


  • El Salvador
    - ALISA - Asociación Lírica Salvadoreña - NGO (to promote lyrical arts in El Salvador; to provide training for professional lyrical singers and scholarships for talented singers without financial means on national and international level; to organize events related to lyrical arts, as well as workshops and master-classes)
    - Sindicato Gremial de Artistas y Músicos Salvadoreños - SGAMS (Trade Union)

  • France
    List of networks and partners in France


  • Gabon
    Syndicat National des Artistes Musiciens - SYNAM (Trade Union)

  • Ghana
    Musicians’ Union of Ghana - MUSIGA (Trade Union)

  • Guatemala
    Sindicato de Músicos Unidos de Guatemala - SMUG (Trade Union)

  • Honduras
    Sindicato Musical Hondureño y Similares - SIMUHS (Trade Union)



  • Kenya
    Kenya Union of Entertainment and Music Industry Employees - KUEMIE (Trade Union)


  • Malawi
    Musicians’ Association of Malawi - MAM (Trade Union)

  • Mexico
    Sindicato Nacional de Trabajadores de la Música de la República Mexicana - SNMRM (Trade Union)

  • Montenegro
    - Antivaris Music - NGO
    - Association of composers of Montenegro - NGO
    - Association of music amateur "Merakfije" - NGO
    - City music Kotor - NGO
    - Cultural-art Association "City-music" - NGO
    - Montenegrokoncert - NGO

  • Mozambique
    Associação dos Músicos Moçambicanos - NGO


  • Panama
    - Sindicato de Trabajadores de la Música Artista y Similares de Panamá - SITMAS (Trade Union)
    - Panamá Rock - Association

  • Paraguay
    Asociación de Músicos del Paraguay (Trade Union)

  • Peru
    - Sindicato de Músicos Compositores y Cantantes del Perú - SIMCCAP (Trade Union)
    - Asociación Pro-Lírica del Perú - NGO (training for and promotion of musical arts in Peru, to promote an annual opera season as well as other kinds of music as the traditional zarzuela, to support young talented musicians)
    - Sindicato de Artistas Intérpretes del Perú (Trade Union)

  • Portugal
    Sindicato dos Músicos (Trade Union)




  • Uganda
    Uganda Musicians’ Union - UMU (Trade Union)

  • United States of America
    The living Music Foundation, California (not-for-profit organization for the promotion of new music with an international membership of composers and performers of new music working with other individuals and organizations interested in supporting the creation and performance of relevant contemporary music)

  • Uruguay
    Trade Unions:
    - Asociación Uruguaya de Músicos - AUDEM
    - Federación Uruguaya de Músicos - FUDEM



  • Zambia
    - Zambia Folk Dance and Music Society - ZAFODAMU
    - Zambia Association of Musicians - ZAM

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