Ensuring that leaders take ambitious decisions to reduce poverty and inequality and protect our planet this year is everyone’s responsibility. Here’s how you can do your part and take action.

Looking for a Step One? Check out our Lazy Person’s Guide to Saving the World.

The Lazy Person's Guide to Saving the World

Share with your networks

You can share the following image with your friends on your social networks, or post them on your website or blog, to raise awareness of the importance of the key events happening in 2015. When you share them make sure you use the #action2015 hashtag.

Have your say

Tell the UN what matters the most to you by filling out the MyWorld survey. The data from MY World continues to inform the process of defining the next development agenda and is being used by decision makers around the world.

Vote now

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Join the global movement

Civil society groups around the world are organizing events to collectively raise their voices and spread awareness of the importance of this year for sustainable development. Visit the Action/2015 website to find out how you can take part in an event near you.

Find out more about key events

Throughout the year, there will be many opportunities to raise your voice on various issues. You can browse our calendar of Key Dates to find out about ways to get involved.