London: PCD, 2015. 11 p.
Partnership for Child Development, PCD
The cost-effectiveness and optimal composition of school health and nutrition (SHN) programmes which integrate a number of different health interventions is an unknown to government decision makers. This makes it difficult for governments to be able to cost, design and implement SHN programmes which meet the multiple and diverse health and education needs of their target communities. To fill this evidence gap Imperial College London’s Partnership for Child Development (PCD) in partnership with the Government of Ethiopia and in collaboration with the Ethiopian Public Health Institute (EPHI) is conducting a research programme to identify best practices in integrating multiple school health and nutrition interventions. The findings of this four year programme will be used to shape the design and implementation of future large scale SHN interventions. It is hoped that by evaluating in detail the delivery of different SHN services provided by different stakeholders the Government of Ethiopia will be better positioned to deliver cost- effective integrated SHN programmes.
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