General Service Staff

The functions in the General Service category include administrative, secretarial and clerical support as well as specialized technical functions such as printing, security and buildings maintenance.

General Service staff are recruited locally in Headquarters or in Field Offices/Institutes.

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for competent, dynamic and flexible persons , who are proactive and responsive. We are looking for people with strong personal integrity, who are fair, impartial and respectful of cultural diversity.

General Service staff work to support activities in the fields of:

  • education,
  • natural sciences,  
  • social and human sciences,
  • culture,
  • communication and information, and
  • administration and management (including  human resources, finance and accounting, IT, etc. )

Do you have the right profile?

Education: graduates of a secondary, technical or vocational school and, as the case may be, secretarial, business or commercial qualifications. In certain cases, equivalent experience may be retained.

Languages: Fluent English or French (the two working languages of UNESCO) and a good working knowledge of the other language.

Knowledge of Arabic, Chinese, Spanish or Russian is an additional asset. 

Previous experience:

Junior level (G1/G3)  - one to three years of  experience

Middle level (G4/G5) - three to seven years of experience; and 

Senior level (G6/G7) - Eight years and above experience

Values: Integrity, professionalism, respect for diversity and a strong commitment to the UNESCO mission.