Nairobi: UNICEF, 2001. 65 p.
Mannathoko, Changu
Mazile, Bontshetse
Commeyras, Michelle
The collection of these tales aims to provide relevant and experiential case studies for participants in gender-related courses in schools, colleges and universities, as well as in non-formal education settings. Most of the tales were written and tested by facilitators and learners during the annual 'Gender and Development in Southern Africa' course between 1998 and 2000. Several were also tested in a UNICEF workshop on 'Gender, Sexuality and HIV/ AIDS in Education', which was held in Malawi in July 2001. The first chapter explores how the HIV/ AIDS pandemic has further complicated the relationship between women and men and increased the powerlessness of women in relationships. It also analyses those rights associated with life and survival, focusing on the rights of girls and women to health and care, family life, social security, shelter, identity and nationality. The second chapter covers rights associated with individual development, namely the right to education, career choices and recreation, and the rights of vulnerable children such as orphans and the disabled to a quality life. The third chapter addresses the natural tensions that exist between Africa's deep traditions and its modern lifestyle - demonstrating how the participation and freedom of expression of girls and young women are so often curtailed in the name of tradition. These tales show how our concern to categorise aspects of values as 'traditional' or 'modern' often has on impact on our very identity. The fourth chapter covers the right to protection against all forms of abuse, including degrading punishment and economic and sexual exploitation, while the fifth chapter takes the subject of exploitation further in its undermining of girls' and women's access to their rights to economic empowerment and poverty alleviation. Finally, the sixth chapter deals with the rights of all individuals to power shoring, decision-making, participation and development.
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