About the Creative City: 
In 2009 Bradford was designated as a UNESCO City of Film in recognition of the city’s rich film heritage, its inspirational movie locations and its many celebrations of the moving image through the city’s annual film festivals. 
Bradford has a long history associated with film and filmmaking dating back to the birth of cinema and has long been acknowledged by the film industry as a film-friendly city. Bradford is a key location for film and television production and boasts a number of key film festivals including the Bradford International Film Festival, the Bradford Animation Festival and is also home to the National Media Museum. 
Bradford offers learning opportunities for students of all ages. Primary school children benefit from a unique film literacy programme; secondary school pupils have the opportunity to study the ways in which films create meaning as part of the English National Curriculum; and three colleges and the University of Bradford provide over 45 related introductory, post-graduate and PhD courses. Opportunities for professional development in the film sector are also present. 
The sheer volume and quality of work in Bradford’s film sector explain why so many film industry professionals choose to base themselves here. Thanks to the resources, facilities, support and passion for this creative field, Bradford is home to both amateurs and professionals alike.  
Added Value: 
As a Creative City of Film, Bradford envisages:
  • using culture and creativity to drive social and economic development;
  • fostering collaborations with other creative cities and sharing best practices; and
  • informing local, national and international policies.
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David Wilson Director Bradford UNESCO City of Film david.wilson@bradford.gov.uk
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