Phnom Penh: CCHR , 2015. 33 p.
Cambodian Center for Human Rights
This research report is the outcome of nation-wide research on the bullying faced by lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people during their attendance at school in Cambodia, and its long-term effects. The report presents the findings of the nation-wide survey, focus group discussions (FGDs), interviews, and from desk research comprising studies from around the world, and also offers recommendations on how to systematically address the issue of bullying based on sexual orientation and gender identity/expression (SOGIE) in the Cambodian education system. Chapter 1 (Introduction) introduces the broad objectives of the research and provides a brief overview of the current landscape vis-à-vis LGBT rights in Cambodia and the background to this study. Chapter 2 (Purpose, Scope and Methodology) offers an overview of the methodology that was used to draft and research this report and includes the limitations of the research. Chapter 3 (The Cambodian Context) provides a summary of the current state of LGBT rights in Cambodia, including an examination of the legal landscape and prevailing societal attitudes in the country. Chapter 4 (The Global Context) provides a detailed review of data related to SOGIE-related youth bullying from studies from around the world. Chapter 5 (Findings) offers an in-depth presentation of the findings from the field research undertaken for this Report. Chapter 6 (Conclusion and Recommendations) summarizes some of the main findings from the research and uses these to offer appropriate recommendations to a variety of stakeholders, aimed at preventing SOGIE-related bullying in Cambodian schools, providing a safe educational environment for LGBT youth, and tackling SOGIE-based discrimination in general, in order to enable all LGBT Cambodians to fulfill their true potential.
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