UNESCO, 2015. 343 p.
Cheetham, Nicole
Advocates for Youth
The module was developed as a resource to support pre–service training of teachers for the delivery of school–based sexuality education in East and Southern Africa. Designed for trainers who are delivering pre–service training on sexuality education in the region, the material provides a core set of lesson plans to equip teachers with the basic knowledge and skills necessary to deliver effective sexuality education in the classroom. While the material is focused on training teachers for school–based sexuality education, the material can be adapted to out–of–school environments. Further, given the importance of local realities within which sexuality education is being delivered, trainers are encouraged to further adapt the lessons to their particular country contexts where possible. Examples of such opportunities for adaptation are noted within the material. The module includes nine core sessions lasting approximately 38 hours, requiring a total of 42 hours in its totality, inclusive of “stepping out” time described further below. Trainers can use the module to tailor trainings according to the number of days/hours available for training teachers. A 5–day sample training agenda is included in Appendix I. The nine core sessions in the module are as follows: 1. Introductions and Launch of the Training. 2. Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health in East and Southern Africa. 3. Talking About Sexuality Education. 4. Getting Ready to Teach Sexuality Education. 5. Effective Teaching Methodologies for Sexuality Education. 6. Knowing Your Content. 7. Classroom Management. 8. Application, Practice and Resources. 9. Understanding Human Rights Agreements, Legal, and Professional Ethics.
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