MoEVT, Open University of Tanzania, 2013. 249 p.
Tanzania UR. Ministry of Education and Vocational Training
Tanzania UR. The Open University of Tanzania
This module has six sections broken down into lectures. The lectures are further broken into different parts with activities to make the content of the lecture more clear and practical to educators. The Module sections start with the title, brief introduction, and general objectives and followed by different lectures which also have objectives, content summary; learning activities; lecture summary; reflection and assessment. The sections are presented as follows: Section One is about “Creating Enabling Environment”. It highlights on different ways used to set an open environment in teaching HIV, AIDS, STIs and Sexuality education through the use of life skills, basic facts, understanding myths, misconceptions and its impact and peer education. Section Two is on Prevention of HIV, AIDS and STIs. It discusses sexuality and reproductive health education as a preventive measure and includes other different strategies which can be used for HIV, AIDS and STIs prevention such as ABCDE, HIV counselling and others as you will discuss. Section Three is about care, treatment and support in the era of HIV and STIs. It exposes learner’s needs and different ways to deal with them in terms of care and support. Some risky and healthy life styles are exposed to help in behaviour change. Section Four is on HIV and STIs impact mitigation strategies. It discusses various mitigation strategies which can be used in the fight of HIV, AIDS and STIs. Section Five is about addressing HIV, AIDS, STIs and unintended pregnancy through crosscutting issues. It highlights on the curriculum intervention and integration through Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) Section Six is about monitoring, assessment and evaluation. The section exposes educators on how to evaluate and report about Comprehensive Sexuality Education issues.
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