Beirut: UNESCO Office Beirut, 2012. 225 p.
Mansour, Ziad
Karam, Suha
UNESCO Office Beirut and Regional Bureau for Education in the Arab states
The study discussed in this report aimed at contributing to the promotion of gender equality and education for girls and boys, by generating knowledge that raises awareness and fights against the phenomenon of SRGBV. Its main objectives were: 1. To provide a comprehensive account of the nature and the extent to which the phenomenon of SRGBV occurs in or in relation to education settings in Lebanon. 2. To examine the root causes of school related gender based violence and its main perpetrators. 3. To study the impact of school gender based violence on students in general and girls in particular, and on their educational choices and achievement. 4. To examine the complain avenues and the referral processes used by children and adults in cases of violence and/or abuse, assessing issues related to both physical concerns and human resources aspects.
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