Edita 2011, 2011. 60 p.
al-Nagar, Samia
Tonnesen, Liv
Swedish International Development Agency, SIDA
Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation, NORAD
UTV Working Paper 2011:3
Comissioned by Norad and Sida
This report evaluates Norway's and Sweden's aid interventions with regards to the right of the child during the last ten years. Taking the cue from the Convention of the Rights of the Child (CRC) reports, the interventions are timely and filling gaps in the government's own efforts to implement the CRC. The main purpose of this evaluation is to assess both the results of interventions and the processes that lead to outcomes, including the efficacy of the procedures and tools that Norwegian and Swedish aid agencies employ in support of child rights. The evaluation addresses the following: The effectiveness of the projects selected in terms of child rights approach/focus, quality and sustainability; The areas that needs to be strengthen in Norway's and Sweden's aid intervention as regards child rights; and the achievements and challenges of the implementing partners and the government institutions working together to target the needs of children in Sudan.
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