This resource guide is aimed at building capacity for the agriculture sector's response to AIDS. The modules are targeted particularly at organizations working in the agriculture sector at national and sub-national level, though are of relevance to a wider audience of people working in the sector. The modules are designed to enhance the conceptual, analytical and programmatic capacity of organizations to effectively respond to the challenges posed by the epidemic.á The guide consists of 11 modules, divided into three parts. The four modules in Part I: Background and rationale are intended to provide the learner with a general overview of the epidemic and its linkages to the agricultural sector in broad terms. Thus, they serve as a background to the following four modules (5-8) in Part II: Agriculture sub-sectors which enable the learner to gain information about, and build skills in responding to HIV in four agriculture sub-sectors. The last section Part III: Policy and leadership composed of modules 9-11, addresses issues related to policy and leadership. These issues have been deliberately chosen because of their crucial role in enabling an effective sector-wide response to the epidemic.
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