2017. 27 p., illus.
UNESCO in partnership with Ministry of Education and with financial support from the Government of the Republic of Azerbaijan, community and Civil society organizations implemented a two year Health Literacy and Behaviour Change practices among Adolescent Girls pilot project from September 2014-September 2017 in 41 schools. Health literacy materials were evaluated and approved by Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development (K.I.C.D.) for use in other informal settlements. This is a story aimed at what we call ‘level 1’ (ages 10-12). It deals with discrimination and bullying, which is a big part of school-based violence. It is also about peer pressure and self-esteem. In the story, Mark struggles, and almost fails, to do the right thing/behave in the right way in the face of peer pressure; and Lisa finds that her attempt to accommodate peer pressure has left her with a dilemma when an adult is asking more of her than she is ready to give.
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