UNESCO, 2017. 15 p.
Health literacy materials were evaluated and approved by Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development for use in other informal settlements.
The radio script is a departure from the usual kind of radio lessons in the life-skills programme. Here in a panel discussion, a team of people, including four young people and a medical expert, are brought together to discuss the various issues that form the themes of this material. The script can be used at all three levels, although you will want to emphasise different aspects of it at each level. It focuses on drug abuse, alcohol abuse and the effects of peer pressure. Its main message is also that young people can take charge of their own lives, make sound decisions (even if they are painful ones) and bring meaning into their lives. The script allows insights into the realities that young people face every day as they go through adolescence and as they are shaping their identities. Engaging in critical thinking, and learning to think for themselves, is the final step in good self-esteem and in entering the adult world. If used in the community, the script ends with a call for action on the part of everyone, with its take-away messages.
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