About the Creative City: 

Granada, the first Spanish-speaking UNESCO City of Literature, has a long history of being home to renowned poets, writers and intellectuals. This tradition has made the city a reference in terms of literary production and the management of activities related to the art of speech. Granada’s public and private institutions, publishing houses and solid network of bookshops provide spaces and synergies for a vibrant programme of literature-related activities. Hundreds of literary events are held in the city every year.

Granada is, above all, the city of Federico García Lorca, the best known and most widely translated Spanish writer after Cervantes.  The city has built a large network of facilities, events and institutions around the figure of Lorca and his legacy. These include the Federico García Lorca Poetry Prize, and the International Poetry Festival (FIB) which, with over ten thousand people attending each spring, is the most important poetry festival in Spain.

The creative industries are one of the most dynamic sectors in Granada and have the largest rate of growth. Since the 1970s the city has embodied one of the keenest publishing traditions in Andalusia and is now becoming one of the most important publishing industries in the south of Spain.

With its close cultural links to Latin America and North Africa, Granada sees its role in the UCCN as a unique opportunity to strengthen its international vocation.  

Added Value: 

As a Creative City of Literature, Granada envisages:

  • developing pilot projects demonstrating the importance of creativity as a key to development;
  • promoting good practices through exchanges on efficient and effective initiatives;
  • organizing consultations, gatherings and virtual conventions;
  • setting up cooperation programmes, particularly North-South, South-South and North-South-South, to support member cities in need of assistance; and
  • introducing policy measures and initiatives linked to local and national development plans.
Member since: 
Jesús Ortega, Responsible for the Granada City of Literature program, granada@granadaciudaddeliteratura.com