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    Dec 4

    Why do we need a declaration of ethical principles in relation to ? Get your answer here ➡️ & Help via

  2. 32 minutes ago

    The UNESCO-Greece Melina Mercouri International Prize was created to reward outstanding examples of safeguarding the world’s cultural landscapes including adaptation. Nominations for the 2019 Prize will open soon.

  3. 58 minutes ago

    An ideal declaration of Human Rights represents everybody- not only the privileged. The latest issue of tackles the inclusion of colonial peoples‘ demands on a Bill of Rights. Check it out here 👉

  4. 2 hours ago

    "Less than 40% of girls in sub-Saharan Africa complete secondary school. This is a violation of their & a waste of talent and potential." at .

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    3 hours ago

    NEW BLOG: Presently, 80% of countries are assessing learning outcomes but the results cannot be compared. Here’s what has done to help:

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    13 hours ago

    Remember his life Remember his fight Remember his legacy in 2013, the World lost one of the greatest moral & political leaders of our time Let's celebrate the life of by serving as advocates for peace

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    Dec 1

    is real. The achievement of the is under threat. Last year climate-related disasters cost $320 billion dollars of damage. We have the power to stop this trend. At the Climate Change Conference , let’s move from commitments to .

  8. 4 hours ago

    From Palestine to Brussels. Apia to Kinshasa. San José to Jakarta. Wherever they may be field offices from all around the 🌎 say a loud NO to violence against women! 📸 ➡️:

  9. 6 hours ago

    All around the 🌏 there are volunteers working to promote peace, sustainable development & human rights. Their selfless work is an example for all of us. On , our message to them is: ❤️THANK YOU❤️!

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    10 hours ago

    Volunteers worldwide build . They create social bonds & give a voice to marginalized & vulnerable groups, helping . Join us today in celebrating the more than 1 billion volunteers transforming our world for the better. Happy !

    , , and 6 others
  11. 7 hours ago

    What a difference can half a degree can make! According to , global safety limit of 2°C is no longer feasible. Join the global act of limiting the global temperature rises near 1.5 °C – only together we can save the 🌍

  12. 8 hours ago

    Ensuring that tourism doesn’t damage sites & makes a positive contribution to is a shared responsibility. & are working to make sure that tourism always = responsible tourism 👉

  13. 9 hours ago

    Quality education shouldn’t be limited to a privileged few, but must be accessible to everyone 👨👩👧👦. Learn how we're working around the world to ensure the for all! 👉

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    Dec 3

    At 's Climate Conference , world leaders can choose to make history by committing their governments - but the planet will be saved only if they also succeed in inspiring and supporting grassroots movements all over the world!

  15. 10 hours ago

    Did the recent scientific progress bring us almost to the end of a cycle in which science risks appearing to be one of the main factors in the enslavement of humanity? Read the answer in the 👇👇👇

  16. 11 hours ago

    Call for Projects: 2019! Interested in preserving & protecting our common heritage? Apply NOW to be part of a change & promote the importance of our history. ℹ️

  17. 13 hours ago

    Remember his life Remember his fight Remember his legacy in 2013, the World lost one of the greatest moral & political leaders of our time Let's celebrate the life of by serving as advocates for peace

  18. 14 hours ago

    Calling out to everyone – our world needs YOU! To address climate change effectively, we need to work together in justice, global partnership, inclusion & solidarity! Take a step for a positive change today!

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    23 hours ago

    Great news! Bogotá will host the next meeting of the Committee for the Safeguarding of in 2019! Congratulations Colombia 🇨🇴! ℹ️

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    Dec 2

    Volunteers make the voices of vulnerable groups heard. In , supported by a project, university volunteers developed an app that helps rural women build a peer-network and become financially independent.

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    Dec 4

    In the face of natural disasters, economic stresses & political shocks, volunteers help build . Wednesday is Int'l Volunteer Day:


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