Two different UIS Data Products targeting different users:

UIS Open Data API: A powerful standards-based API for programmatically accessing and retrieving the full range of UIS published data and indicators. Data are organized in thematic statistical databases and fully disaggregated by statistical concepts. The API is for advanced users that need full control over data extraction from the UIS Global Database.

UIS.Stat: A powerful and easy-to-use browser for viewing and downloading the most popular UIS data and indicators in tables. Data are organized in a tree view by topic and presented using a simple three-dimensional format (indicator, country or region, year). Users can build their own customized tables and export data in Excel format.

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Does the API respond to your needs? Here is how to get started:

The API: The UIS Data API is RESTful and adheres to the SDMX RESTful API Specification. SDMX (Statistical Data and Metadata eXchange) is an ISO standard for exchanging statistical data and metadata. It offers a mature and sophisticated information model and a well-defined REST API which supports multiple data formats including JSON and XML. For more information about SDMX, please visit

Developer Support: Please head to the Getting Started page to start consuming the API. For more detailed information please consult the User Guide.

Please don’t forget to share your feedback and ask questions using the Feedback page.

UIS Data Dictionary for Education Statistics

Describes the education indicators and raw data including concepts and codes (in English, French and Spanish) published in the UIS API. It also includes a column which indicates whether the data/indicator are published in UIS.STAT. Download