Utrecht: Rutgers, 2018. 31 p.
Bonjour, Maeva
van der Flugt, Ineke
In this white paper we give an overview of the current state of sexuality education with a focus on Europe and developing countries. We start in chapter 1 with a short introduction on the definition of sexuality and sexuality education and will address several views on and approaches to sexuality education worldwide and the current international policy. We mainly focus on comprehensive sexuality education (CSE) in schools, although we realise that the scope of sexuality education is broader (for example community based interventions, online information, education by youth workers, etc.). In chapter 2 we start with a short history of CSE. Subsequently we present the core objectives, the main content and will describe the main settings, and working within multicomponent approaches. In chapter 3 we focus on the quality, evaluation and implementation process of CSE and effectiveness. Finally in chapter 4, we end with some conclusions and challenges for the future.
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