2018. 12 p.
O’Leary, Ann
Periodical title: 
AIDS Education and Prevention, 30(3), 213–224
Women have always been part of the HIV/AIDS epidemic. As with other populations affected by HIV, for many years the only prevention strategy available was behavior change. Behavioral interventions for women were developed and evaluated, with some success. Because women did not control the use of male condoms, efficacious interventions needed to build skills for partner negotiation. Woman-controlled technologies such as the female condom and vaginal spermicide were unable to solve the problem of male control of the condom and enable the development of safe methods for women to protect themselves. The modern era of HIV prevention has produced biomedical solutions based on highly active retroviral chemoprophylaxis, which can be hidden from the male partner and thus eliminate his possible negative reactions. Pre-exposure prophylaxis holds promise for HIV prevention among women. This article reviews the literature on HIV prevention for women, including both successes and challenges.
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