Geneva: WHO, 2009. ix, 41 p.
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Normes relatives à l’eau, l’assainissement et l’hygiène en milieu scolaire dans les environnements pauvres en ressources
Normas sobre agua, saneamiento e higiene para escuelas en contextos de escasos recursos
Adams, John
Bartram, Jamie
Chartier, Yves
Sims, Jackie
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978 92 4 354779 4
Adequate provision of water supply, sanitation, hygiene and waste management in schools has a number of positive effects and contributes to a reduced burden of disease among children, staff and their families. Such interventions also provide opportunities for greater gender equity in access to education, and create educational opportunities to promote safe environments at home and in communities. This document provides guidance on water, sanitation and hygiene required in schools. The guidelines it contains are designed to be used in low-cost settings in low- and medium resource countries, and to support the development and implementation of national policies.
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