Cologne: BZgA, 2017. 62 p.
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Вопросы обу­че­ния: Структурный обзор ключевых компетенций педагогов в сфере сексуального образования
WHO Regional Office for Europe
Bundeszentrale für gesundheitliche Aufklärung, BZgA
This framework focuses on sexuality educators and the competencies they should have, or develop, in order to conduct sexuality education. It is primarily addressed to those who conduct the training of sexuality educators and to experts who develop the relevant curricula for this kind of training. It can also guide sexuality educators themselves in their own professional and personal development. The framework is intended to provide support and to facilitate the implementation of training programmes for sexuality educators and/or improve the quality of existing programmes. It is intended as a foundation document to guide countries in the development of their own training manuals and methods. It does not itself propose detailed materials or methods, since these must be tailored to each national context.
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