2017. 10 p.
Sommer, Marni
Figueroa, Chantal
Kwauk, Cristina
Jones, Meredith
Fyles, Nora
Periodical title: 
International Journal of Educational Development, 57 (2017), 73-82
Recent decades have seen a push for gender parity in education in low resource countries. Attention is shifting to how school environments hinder the achievement of gender equality. One effort, primarily led by the water, sanitation and hygiene sector, includes a focus on the needs of menstruating girls. This policy review aims to understand how the education sector is addressing menstruation management. We conducted an analysis of select education policy documents in 21 countries, including a frequency count and narrative analysis of relevant keywords. Findings suggest that existing national education policies inadequately provide for sufficient water and sanitation facilities or other menstruation-related improvements needed in schools. More recently developed WASH in schools policies present examples of potential approaches for education stakeholders to better address girls’ menstrual needs in school through policy and program responses.
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