Nonthaburi: National AIDS Management Center, Ministry of Public Health, 2014. 109 p.
Thailand. National AIDS Committee
This Operational Plan has four key components. Section 1 is the Core Plan, which lays out the background and rationale to Thailand’s efforts to End AIDS and outlines key operational objectives and strategic interventions. It sets out key targets and approaches, including how innovation and efficiency will be achieved while delivering high coverage services in a gender sensitive and human rights based framework. Section 2 lays out the approach to costing Ending AIDS in Thailand. It lays out how costs were calculated not just by intervention but by actual costs of service delivery on the ground. It also sets out budgets by package of services for each key affected population. Section 3 outlines key actions, proposed activities and timelines which form the backbone of the Action Plan for Ending AIDS in Thailand. Critical activities for enabling systems and developing capacity are proposed for the period 2015-2017 by quarter. These will be reviewed annually and adjusted as required. This section also provides information on the management and oversight of the Operational Plan. Section 4 outlines how the Operational Plan will be monitored, and sets out key tracking and monitoring indicators, as well as how the M&E systems will be strengthened.
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