National AIDS Committee, 2013. 120 p.
Thailand. National AIDS Committee
The purpose of strategic information (SI) is to increase the availability and accessibility of high quality essential data to guide program planning and investment for an effective HIV/AIDS response. The plan measures progress towards achieving national goals and objectives - including Thailand’s commitment to reaching “the three zeros’ of zero new infections, zero AIDS deaths, and zero discrimination - in an effective, efficient and timely manner. The use of empirically based data to guide national and sub national investment into effective responses to the HIV epidemic represents a major step for Thailand. The National Strategic Information and M&E Plan consists of three major components: 1. A set of M&E core indicators that are designed to measure the progress of the National AIDS Strategy (NAS); 2. A work plan for strategic information, monitoring and evaluation; 3. Resource estimation and costing that prioritizes strategic information and M&E activities based on the estimated resources available for the time period.
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