Restless Development, 2016. 16 p.
Restless Development
This report is the result of youth-led assessments and observations that were run in 21 schools around the country from June to September 2016 to note and subsequently share the beneficiaries’ perspectives at implementation level of the challenges and successes around East and South Africa comprehensive sexuality education (ESA-CSE) including their suggested solutions and recommendations for improvement. The schools assessed were government run schools (Public Schools), private, grant aided and community schools. The assessments employed the use of a specially designed assessment tool meant to guide the process of acquiring information shared in this report. The tool was administered by a group of 300 trained young advocates, identified by the different organisations that make up our national alliance monitoring the implementation of ESA-CSE. It facilitated the youth advocates interaction with learners and different school level stakeholders directly involved in the delivery of CSE.
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