Kabul: Central Statistics Organization, 2017. 467 p., maps
Afghanistan. Ministry of Public Health
Afghanistan. Central Statistics Organization
The primary objective of the 2015 AfDHS project is to provide up-to-date estimates of basic demographic and health indicators. Specifically, the AfDHS collected information on knowledge and practice of family planning, fertility levels, marriage, fertility preferences, child feeding practices, nutritional status of children and women, childhood mortality, maternal and child health, awareness and attitudes regarding HIV/AIDS, knowledge about other illnesses (e.g., tuberculosis, hepatitis B and C), women’s empowerment and domestic violence. In addition to presenting national estimates, the report provides estimates of key indicators for both the urban and rural areas in Afghanistan and the provinces. The information collected through the AfDHS is intended to assist policymakers and program managers in evaluating and designing programs and strategies for improving the health of the country’s population.
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