Atlanta: CDC, 2012. 51 p.
Russian Federation. Federal State Statistic Service (ROSSTAT)
Russian Federation. Ministry of Health
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, CDC
The RURHS11 household survey was based on in-person, face-to-face interviews with women of reproductive age (15–44 years) in their homes. The survey was designed to collect information from a representative sample of approximately 10,000 women of reproductive age throughout the Russian Federation. Information was collected on the following: Demographic characteristics; Household assets (durable goods and dwelling characteristics); Fertility and child mortality; Family planning and reproductive preferences; Reproductive and child health care utilization; Choice and quality of maternity care; Preventive and curative health care utilization; Perceptions of health service quality; Risky health behaviors (smoking and alcohol use); Young adult health education and behaviors; Intimate partner violence; HIV/AIDS and other STDs.
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