Department of Health, 2012. 282 p.
Philippines. Department of Health
More than ever, adolescents need help, guidance, and empowerment. This is the main purpose for which the Department of Health invested in the project: “Development of Behavior Change Communication (BCC) Strategy for Adolescent Pregnancy.” This initiative essentially aims to contribute to the promotion of positive and healthy behaviors that enable adolescents to avoid too early and unintended pregnancy. This initiative is an integral part of the Adolescent and Youth Health and Development (AYHD) Program of the Department of Health. It specifically aims to provide options for effective BCC and other support communication strategies to various stakeholders at all levels in preventing early and unintended adolescent pregnancy. This initiative also aims to set a framework for harmonizing and converging existing as well as recommended communication strategies for preventing too early and unintended pregnancy among adolescents. This Sourcebook on BCC Strategies for Preventing Adolescent Pregnancy is the main output of this initiative. It was developed to provide all workers and advocates of adolescent health and development with a resource for designing BCC strategies for promoting positive and healthy behaviors among adolescents to specifically prevent too early sexual initiation, unprotected sex, and other risky sexual behaviors. The Sourcebook is intended specifically for program managers, service providers, youth leaders, youth-serving professionals and institutions, media and communication practitioners, and other stakeholders who are interested in developing BCC interventions for preventing adolescent pregnancy. You can use the document to get ideas and guidance in planning and conceptualizing your BCC strategies for promoting healthy and positive sexual behaviors among adolescents as they relate with your mandates, programs, and responsibilities.
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