Lusaka: National HIV/AIDS/STI/TB Council, 2011. 90 p.
Zambia. National HIV/AIDS/STI/TB Council
This National HIV and AIDS Communication and Advocacy Strategy (NACAS), seeks to reinforce the efficacy of communication at the different levels of behaviour change, and to increase the proportion of individuals, families, communities and institutions within Zambia utilizing available HIV and AIDS and reproductive health services across the country. Furthermore, it seeks to increase the proportion of national level policy makers and stakeholders knowledgeable of the socio-economic significance of HIV and AIDS. The NACAS provides a framework that aligns communication with the goals and vision of the National AIDS Strategic Framework (NASF). It aims to provide strategic direction and to guide actions on those components within the scope of HIV and AIDS in Zambia that can be influenced by communication and advocacy at policy, programmatic and institutional levels. It also defines priority audiences and issues, formulates strategic direction and actions, and determines the best way to invest resources. The Strategy proposes innovative, evidence-based and participatory approaches in the planning and implementation of communication and advocacy interventions. Interpersonal, digital and mass communication strategies have been considered and incorporated as interdependent and mutually supportive approaches at respective stages in the behaviour change process. The use of both old and new media has been particularly embraced in order for the interventions to be congruent with emerging trends in communicating to specific populations, especially young people.
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