2005. 14 p.
Dube, Luyanda
Ocholla, D. N.
Periodical title: 
South African Journal of Libraries and Information Science, 71, 2
The study focuses on the management and diffusion of HIV/AIDS information in institutions of higher learning in South Africa. The HIV/AIDS policy for educators, learners and students provided a strong foundation on government involvement on HIV/AIDS management in higher education. Both qualitative and quantitative research design and methodologies were employed largely through survey, observation and document analysis. The findings reveal that the response of the higher education sector to HIV/AIDS is not uniform, but there is a positive move towards strong management of HIV/AIDS and information diffusion. The study recommends further research on feasibility, applicability and effectiveness of the centralized coordination of the higher education HIV/AIDS response. Other hidden issues h have been unearthed and a model for effective HIV/AIDS management and information diffusion in the sector suggested.
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