Global Working Group to End School-Related Gender-Based Violence.
Heslop, Jo
The purpose of this technical note is to 1) explain how gender norms shape sexual violence, and why it is critical to incorporate dialogue and action on gender norms in SRGBV interventions, and 2) identify promising approaches to addressing gender norms within programs aimed at ending SRGBV, and sexual violence in particular. A growing body of literature documents the range of approaches to addressing SRGBV, such as adopting a whole school approach or facilitating girls’ clubs, however this paper will be limited to approaches engaging communities to address gender norms that underlie sexual violence. It aims to be a resource for organizations who work in, or are planning to implement programmes on SRGBV primarily at the district and sub-national level. Some of the learning can also be applied to inform national education policy around gender and violence. This document synthesizes evidence from research publications linked to two projects – UNICEF-led End Gender Violence in Schools and ActionAid-led Stop Violence Against Girls in Schools in Ghana, Kenya and Mozambique.
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