Bonn : GIZ, 2016. 57 + 2 p.
Perez-Samaniego, Carmen
Riffler, Vera
Gillam, Victoria
Black, Matthew
Sorensen, Tom
Stein, Dirk
Shiweda, Rachel
Alyanak, Leyla
Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit, GIZ
Namibia. Ministry of Health and Social Services
To mark the completion of the long-standing collaboration between GIZ and Namibia through the multisectoral HIV and AIDS programme, a decision was made to document the vast knowledge and many tools it developed in an accessible manner allowing for future use and potential scale-up of successful approaches. While the programme was launched in 2008, this document focuses on the second phase, thefive-year programme, from 2011- 2016. The result of this information-gathering effort is a Knowledge Map for the HIV and AIDS Response in Namibia that brings together the multisectoral HIV programme’s key outputs and themes. It provides relevant information to all actors – government, civil society, corporations, academia, beneficiaries – seeking to advance HIV prevention by working with young people, people living with HIV, and public and private sector employees and entities. In addition to the knowledge displayed on the map, all tools, working aids, publications and implementing experience are presented in a way that is easy to navigate for all. The knowledge map was designed for use by government ministries, non-governmental organisations (NGO), private sector and development partners and potential implementing agencies. It is also useful for GIZ technical and managerial staff who are planning similar approaches with other development partners or donors elsewhere. While most of the tools provided in this knowledge map were developed with GIZ support, additional tools by partners have also been included and their creators acknowledged. These are tools that are particularly relevant, have proven successful during activities or implementation, or which broaden or complete existing approaches.
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