Brighton: Institute of Development Studies, 2017. 118 p., illus.
Oosterhoff, Pauline
Müller, Catherine
Shepard, Kelly
Institute of Development Studies
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IDS Bulletin, 48(1)
0265-5012 (print), 1759-5436 (online)
This issue of the IDS Bulletin presents a collection of scholarly work on the topic for a mixed audience of researchers, policymakers and practitioners. A collaboration between Love Matters and IDS, articles discuss experiences with digital sex education in many countries and in a range of settings. The issues confronted are diverse, yet the common themes encountered are often as striking as the differences. Young people need help in critically examining the sexual messages they receive, as well as access to new types of digital sex education environments that are realistic, emotionally attuned, non-judgmental and open to the messages they themselves create. Contributions in this IDS Bulletin suggest an urgency for academics and practitioners to understand and develop digital literacy skills in order to help build such environments.
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