Ministry of Education, 2010. 31 p.
Namibia. Ministry of Education
The goal of this policy is to improve the prevention and management of learner pregnancy in Namibia, with the ultimate aim of decreasing the number of learner pregnancies and increasing the number of learner-parents who complete their education. Education is both a human right in itself and an indispensable means of realising other human rights. In order to meet Vision 2030, it is essential that a policy is put in place to address learner pregnancy that will make a real and sustainable difference in the lives of children and their children. The policy does not substitute its judgment for that of the family; family and cultural values are a core component of this policy. The aim of the policy is to outline conditions under which pregnant learners, expectant fathers and learner-parents can continue their education. It is still up to the learners and their families to decide if and when the learner will take advantage of the opportunities which the policy makes available.
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