Kabul: Ministry of Public Health, 2011. 70 p.
Afghanistan. Ministry of Public Health
The NSF-II is elaborated in continuity of the Afghanistan National HIV/AIDS Strategic Framework-I goal to achieve universal access to HIV prevention, treatment, care and support for at-risk and vulnerable populations and people living with HIV. The strategies on NSF-II hinge on the following cross-cutting principles: The need for effective and efficient implementation of current resources and increased scope and quality of HIV prevention, treatment, care and support services; Involvement of concerned populations and people living with HIV in the design of programmes and in service delivery; Ensure an equity in access to services for all populations at risk and in need of services, including a focus on addressing gender differences; Deliver services through partnership between public and private sectors, and thereby increase efficiency and effectiveness; Adopting integrated approaches that link services in a continuum from community outreach to service provision through health services.
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