Pretoria: HESA, 2010. 61 p.
Higher Education HIV and AIDS Programme, HEAIDS
Institutions have varying track records when it comes to conducting HIV and AIDS campaigns. Some hardly engage in HIV and AIDS communication, while others do so regularly and in a creative way. These guidelines are a practical way of laying a foundation of good practice and enabling both campaign-experienced and inexperienced campuses to run sound campaigns. The guidelines are intended for a range of individuals and structures that play a part in the development and implementation of HIV and AIDS programmes on campuses - Staff members of HIV and AIDS programme units; Members of corporate communications divisions; Peer educators; Professionals in the campus health services; SRC members in relevant portfolios; Trade union organisers; HR managers. These Guidelines will help you to: Design HIV and AIDS campaigns that relate to your strategic goals; Develop effective campaign messages; Understand the power of campaigns to shift attitudes; Know what resources are available to communicators; Make better use of available communication channels; Develop systems to monitor and evaluate campaign impact; Utilise new media and social networks to reach audiences.
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