2009. 5 p.
Chitiyo, George
Chitiyo, Morgan
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Childhood Education 85 (6)
Zimbabwe, like most of Sub-Saharian Africa, has been hard-hit by HIV/AIDS. National estimates reported by the Ministry of Health and Child Welfare put the prevalence rates of HIV in the age group between 15 and 49 at 15.3% (WHO, UNICEF, & UNAIDS, 2008). This is one of the highest HIV/AIDS prevalence rates in the world (UNAIDS, 2008). The impact of the pandemic has been so severe that current mitigation efforts fall short of alleviating the situation, especially as it pertains to the plight of children. To date, the country has one of the highest numbers of children orphaned by AIDS (WHO, 2005, WHO, UNICEF, & UNAIDS, 2008). With the country currently experiencing an unprecedented humanitarian and economic crisis of epic proportions, these children suffer perhaps the worst impact depravation and poverty. This article examines how HIV/AIDS and the current economic crisis in Zimbabwe have affected the well-being and development of children in that country, especially in relation to education.
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