National AIDS Secretariat, 2012. 12 p.
Mauritius. National AIDS Secretariat
AIDS Project Management Group, APMG
The goal of the National Peer Education Strategy is to position peer education as a critical component of HIV prevention programmes targeting KAPs in preventing the transmission of HIV/AIDS. The objectives are: 1. Build national capacity and leadership in both government and civil society to provide peer education to all KAPs in Mauritius; 2. Build support for peer education by strengthening linkages with existing services and networks including law enforcement, civil society organisations, health and welfare workers and other stakeholders; 3. Promote the importance of inclusion of representatives of KAPs in all relevant decision making bodies at all level of government and civil society; 4. Reduce stigma and discrimination associated with HIV/AIDS and harm reduction services to build sustainable services and enhance the quality of life of KAPs, their families and the wider community.
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