Ha Long: UNEVOC, 2011. 46 p.
Viet Nam. Ministry of Education and Training
UNEVOC Network sub-regional consultation meeting, Ha Long, Viet Nam, 21 - 24 June 2011
The Asia-Pacific region is experiencing HIV/AIDS epidemics that are diverse and require multiple responses. At the same time, the TVET sub-sector is increasingly recognised as a critical training institution for the future development of the labour-force and economy in developing countries around the world, and enrollments in TVET institutions are on the rise. In this context, UNESCO UNEVOC has developed “TVET and HIV/AIDS” into one of its areas of work and is exploring better ways to implement HIV prevention initiatives into TVET institutions throughout its member states. UNESCO UNEVOC, in partnership with UNESCO Hanoi and the Vietnam Ministry of Education and Training (MoET), hosted a consultation meeting to provide a platform for national UNEVOC Centres from seven countries across the Region to develop a better understanding of HIV and AIDS issues in the region, share their experiences and consider how to better mainstream HIV and AIDS education into the TVET curriculum. Participants included directors and policy makers, curriculum specialists, teacher-trainers, development partners, civil society organisations and representatives from UNEVOC Centres.
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