Scotts Valley: ETR Associates, 2009. 290 p.
ETR Associates
A 90 minutes component for parents "Informed Parents and Children Together (ImPACT)", is also available to assist them in areas like parental monitoring and effective communication (see: Teacher training seminars are also available in the US for this programme.
This is an HIV and sexually transmitted disease (STD) and teen pregnancy prevention programme targeting African-American youth between the ages of 12 and 15. First developed for recreation centres, it has been adapted to school settings. It is the updated version of the Focus on kids curriculum first developed in the 1990s. This curriculum has been thoroughly reviewed and evaluated and has been successfully exported to different cultural settings such as the Bahamas, China, Namibia and Viet Nam. The eight sessions of the programme are organized around activities such as games, role-play and discussions. These activities encourage young people to perceive the consequences of HIV, STDs and teen pregnancy for their future and their level of risk. The programme encourages young people to communicate with parents and adults, and uses friendship groups as a way to promote healthy behaviour. The purpose of this document is to help prevent HIV, STDs and teenage pregnancy in African-American young people aged between 12 and 15 through abstinence, as well as safer sex and condom use promotion. The manual is divided into eight chapters, providing the outline for each weekly session of varying lengths (85 to 125 minutes). The main themes of the programme include: evaluating risks and consequences of sexual activity, HIV, STDs and pregnancy; exploring values and setting goals for the future; communication, negotiation and refusal skills; protecting your sexual health, information on HIV, STDs and teen pregnancy; abstinence, safer sex and condom use. The manual also features appendixes to help facilitators adapt the programme to their community or to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgendered (LGBT) youth, and provides teaching tips and additional resources.
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