2016. 84 p., illus.
Tanzania UR. Ministry of Education, Science and Technology
This guideline focuses specifically on water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) in Primary and Secondary Schools. It sets out the minimum requirements for SWASH that are relevant to various types of schools in different contexts in Tanzania. It is designed for use in different school settings where simple, affordable and replicable options can be promoted to contribute significantly to improving water, sanitation and hygiene conditions in Primary and Secondary Schools. The technical options for School WASH facilities and hygiene education approaches presented in this guideline, are based on national and international best practices and models that have been successfully promoted in Tanzania. Technical options are carefully designed to reflect the varying social, economic and cultural context in different regions of Tanzania. Innovative designs and approaches included in this guideline that had not been introduced to Tanzania before, have been pre-tested and piloted in different regions of Tanzania to examine the acceptability and suitability to different communities and cultural settings. There is strong emphasis on pre and post construction activities to ensure regular, correct use and maintenance of facilities. Periodical monitoring and inspection is used as a tool to assess school performance and compliance. The result will be used for prioritized funding allocation.
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