Unit of Policy and Research

UNESCO IITE is a specialized institute for ICT in education supporting global initiatives for Education 2030 agenda. In particular, the Institute focus includes research, policies and innovative practices that enhance the application of ICT in education.

The Unit of Policy and Research of UNESCO IITE is responsible for research, policy and monitoring of ICT in education aligned to SDG 4. The Unit builds on IITE capacity to stimulate policy dialogue of ICT in education at global, regional and national levels. In addition, the support is provided to Member States to generate real-time data for evidence-based planning decision making to achieve inclusion, equity and quality learning for all. The Unit is involved in knowledge management and dissemination of ICT in education resources and networks, sharing best practices and research documentation among policymakers, practitioners, and academicians.

The Unit undertakes two main programmes:

  1. ICT in Education Policy Dialogue and Monitoring

The Unit is focusing on advocating the issues of SDG4 in the following subprogrammes:

– ICT in education research, policy development and advocacy. We organise education forums for policymakers, practitioners, and academicians to provide policy and research briefs of ICT in education at global, regional and national levels.

– Education Management Information System (EMIS). We develop strategic EMIS IT solutions and host OpenEMIS for real-time data management systems of the Member States.

– ICT in education capacity building and monitoring. We support integration of Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E) tools for tracking the progress of ICT and digital literacy at national, regional and international levels. Also, we develop and provide training courses for ICT in education to strengthen the capacity of Member States to mainstream IT tools and e-learning in planning, curriculum, and assessment.

  1. ICT in Education Knowledge Management 

Under this programme, there are two subprogrammes:

– Clearing house. The Unit establishes a network of policymakers, practitioners and academicians for developing articles and books on selected thematic areas. In this regard, the Unit administers an IITE Journal and other publications and creates a clearing house of ICT in education materials.

– Collaboration, partnership and networking. The Unit coordinates programmes of partnership and collaboration strategies and engagement in networking through organizing and contributing to policy briefs and forums, such as workshops and conferences.

The outcome is mainstreamed ICT in education at all levels of education through needs assessment of ICT hardware and software and staff capacity development. The end result is a digital transformation that assures products, processes, and services for effective and efficient education programmes management.

Responsible person (staff) and contact details: