The Tenth Session of the IITE Governing Board

The Tenth Session of the newly appointed IITE Governing Board was held at the premises of IITE in Moscow from 3 to 5 of December 2009. Prof. Bernard Cornu (France) was elected as a Chairperson of the Governing Board and Ms Fatma Abdullazade (Azerbaijan) along with Mr Evgeniy Butko (Russian Federation) were elected as the Vice-Chairpersons. Mr Alexander Yakovenko, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, attended the opening of the Governing Board meeting. He delivered a speech on the vision of the Russian Federation concerning the future activities of the Institute. Mr Qian Tang, Acting Assistant Director-General, attended the meeting and made a statement on behalf of the Director-General. Members of the Governing Board have discussed Medium-Term Strategy of the Institute, the Budget and the Workplan for the next biennium and extra-budgetary fund mobilization. On the last day of the Session, the Board Members have presented their Recommendations, approved the budget and set out the date for the next meeting.