Media Literacy and New Humanism

A new monograph “Media Literacy and New Humanism” has been printed in the IITE series “Theoretical Aspects of ICT in Education”. The authors – José Manuel Pérez Tornero and Tapio Varis – consider the opportunities that media literacy opens in the world of global education and communication in the context of new humanism.

Being applied to education, the concept of new humanism, a new UNESCO credo, suggests the creation of a more inclusive society in which all humans have a chance to access knowledge and quality education and every word being heard in the universal dialogue. In the authors’ opinion, the new humanism in the global society must prioritize a new sense of respect for multiplicity and cultural diversity and must support media development with the goal of consolidating the new culture of peace.

The book is aimed at educators, researchers, policy-makers, the media and civil society.

Publication year: 2011

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