The UNESCO Institute for Statistics (UIS) has just updated all of its global databases with more country-level and timely data to provide a global perspective on key policy issues in education, science and culture.

UIS global education database

While the global numbers and regional averages on key indicators such as out-of-school rates remain the same as those published in September 2018, we have added country-level information to provide a more complete and timely picture of the education situation facing children, youth and adults the world over. The data update covers UIS data for all levels of education – from pre-primary to tertiary education – and the global and thematic indicators used to monitor progress towards Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 4.

UIS global database on research and experimental development (R&D)

How much does your country invest in R&D? In which fields and sectors are women pursuing research careers in your country? These are just some of the areas covered by the UIS global database on R&D, which has been updated with more timely and country-level data.

The UIS is the only agency to produce internationally-comparable data on R&D data for countries at all stages of development and is the official data source for SDG Target 9.5, which calls on countries to encourage innovation and substantially increase the number of researchers, as well as public and private spending on R&D. UIS data on women in science are also used for cross-cutting themes related to SDG 5 on gender equality.

UIS global database on feature film and cinema statistics

SDG Target 8.9 calls on countries and development partners to promote local culture and products to achieve decent work and economic conditions for all. The film industry is the most dynamic and profitable cultural industry, with a growing number of countries using digital technologies to produce more films. According to UIS estimates, the number of films produced worldwide has almost doubled from 5,559 to 9,900 between 2005 and 2017. 

The UIS is the only statistical agency to produce feature film and cinema statistics for countries at all stages of development. The UIS has just updated its global database with data for 102 countries. Special attention has been given to developing countries, with the following countries reporting data for the first time: Algeria, Angola, Bangladesh, Belize, Suriname and Uganda.