Dakar: UNFPA WCARO, 2018. 7 p.
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Pourquoi la lutte contre le mariage d'enfants et les grossesses d'adolescentes est essentielle pour l’atteinte du dividende démographique en Afrique occidentale et centrale: document d'orientation politique
Girls are subject to child marriage, female genital mutilation and limited education and as such, are denied equality of opportunities. At the beginning of 2016, the African Union Heads of State and Government underlined a commitment to put young people and women first by agreeing to focus on “Harnessing the demographic dividend through investments in youth” throughout 2017 and beyond. UNFPA in West and Central Africa recognizes the critical importance of investing in adolescents and youth, particularly adolescent girls. The key to achieving the demographic dividend is enabling young people- and especially adolescent girls - to reach their potential.
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