About the Creative City: 
Renowned for its rich industrial past, Bilbao has experienced over the past decades sweeping social, cultural and economic transformations. Creativity, design and culture are central to the city’s development strategy, owning to their important role for the development of the local communities, but also as a driver of the economic and social transformation.  
Thanks to public and private support and extensive social involvement, Bilbao has become a reference in fields such as architecture, industrial and interior design, new technologies, fashion, audio-visual, videogames and crafts. All these sectors are represented in the Bilbao Bizkaia Design and Creativity Council (BiDC), a public and private body comprising more than 150 members who share a common goal; fostering design and creativity to lead the new economy.
These joint efforts have resulted in the transformation of Bilbao into a vibrant and dynamic city with major cultural facilities contributing to the economy in terms of wealth creation, employment and social well-being. 
Added Value: 
As a Creative City of Design, Bilbao envisages:
  • promoting design-orientated urban policies;
  • integrating goals related to cultural and creative industries into local development plans; 
  • promoting educational programmes;
  • hosting international design events;
  • organizing and taking part in international events; and
  • cooperating with other UCCN members (pilot projects, studies and meetings).
Member since: 
María J. del Blanco, Director of Bilbao Ekintza, direccion@bilbaoekintza.bilbao.net