UNESCO, 2012. 92 p.
Molina, Helia
The aim of this document is to make a comprehensive review of early childhood health and nutrition indicators as a contribution and input to the process of devising a holistic child development index. The first part of the paper introduces the topic of child health and development from the standpoint of early childhood health and nutrition determinants and the global situation in general. A conceptual framework for the indicators is developed and some operational definitions are given. Furthermore, early childhood health and nutrition indicators are described in detail, international statistics used in the main United Nations agencies and other institutions are routinely provided and account is taken of some noteworthy indications of partial use. Each indicator or group of related indicators is analysed in terms of rationale, source of data, data collection methodology, strengths and weaknesses. Lastly, recommendations are made concerning the indicators that seem most appropriate for devising a comprehensive holistic early childhood development index.
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