Gaborone: SADC, 2018. 32 p.
Southern African Development Community, SADC
Given the vulnerability of key populations, this strategy seeks to operationalise current global, continental and regional commitments and address these gaps by providing Member States with a framework to develop specific programming aimed at key populations. The strategy is to be used in conjunction with existing SADC initiatives, including SADC’s new strategic framework on the integration of HIV, tuberculosis, sexual and reproductive health and malaria, as well as existing international and continental initiatives, such as the SDGs and the Catalytic Framework. The strategic framework is not a strategic plan but a guiding framework for SADC Member States. It aims to provide details on how key populations are and remain more vulnerable to HIV than the general population. It further identifies the key barriers they face in accessing HIV and SRH services, and identifies steps Member States can take to address these obstacles and thereby lower the vulnerability of key populations to HIV and increase their access HIV and SRH services.
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