2018. 39 p.
Appleby, Laura
Heath, Cai
Graham, Natasha
Horan, James
Khan, Imran A.
O'Neill, Margie
Global Partnership for Education
This manual is intended as a teacher’s handbook for understanding and delivering integrated school health and nutrition (SHN) interventions. The manual provides materials for classroom-oriented activities aimed at teaching children how to lead healthy lives. It is divided into two parts, the first part introduces SHN to the reader and proffers suggestions of how create an equitable school environment. In the second part, SHN interventions on specific topics (deworming and vision screening) are included as individual modules with guidelines on implementation in schools. This includes the tools and materials with which to engage students in a classroom setting, providing them with the information they may utilise to lead healthy and productive lives. The final part of the manual provides a list of resources that can be used to build on from the training and information provided in the manual.
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